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Entry Level Systems

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  1. Graco Reactor E-20

    Graco Reactor E-20

    Graco's Reactor E-20 is now upgraded with leading technology based on the H-series platform. The advanced features are designed to provide longer life, less downtime and Graco reliability - and add great value to any proportioning equipment line-up.

  2. Graco Reactor E-XP1

    Graco Reactor E-XP1

    Graco Reactor E-XP1 proportioners are engineered to process and spray polyurea and other coatings that require high pressures. The hybrid heaters and heated hose conditions the materials to the right viscosity prior to mixing.

  3. Graco Reactor A-25

    Graco Reactor A-25

    The Reactor A-25 is a Graco-engineered spray foam proportioner that gives you the reliability you expect on the jobsite. It maintains consistent temperature control, even when you're spraying at maximum flow rates - resulting in better quality foam.

  4. Graco Reactor E-10

    Graco Reactor E-10

    Graco's Reactor E-10 is a small, ready-to-use system that helps you get in and get smaller jobs done fast without sacrificing performance. The Reactor E-10 sprayers are ideal for plural-component spray, joint-fill and touch-ups.

  5. Graco Reactor A-20

    Graco Reactor A-20

    Graco's Reactor A-20 is a lightweight, easy-to-use air-driven unit that combines Gusmer's proven reliability with Graco's advanced technology, including digital controls and improved heat control.

    The Reactor A-20 spray machine has been discontinued but replacement parts are still available.

  6. Graco Guardian A-5

    Graco Guardian A-5

    Designed for foam insulation applications, the Guardian A-5 is lightweight and easy-to-use. Its LED controller lets you select temperature settings for three heat zones – ISO, resin and hose heat.

    The Guardian A-5 spray machine has been discontinued but replacement parts are still available.

  7. Graco Guardian A-6

    Graco Guardian A-6

    The Guardian A-6 reliably dispenses polyurea coatings and is designed for longer seal life and less maintenance – which translates to more uptime and productivity for your business.

    The Guardian A-6 spray machine has been discontinued but replacement parts are still available.