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Probler P1

  1. Probler P1 Spray Gun

    Probler P1 Spray Gun

    The Probler has been the industry’s leading air purge spray gun since it was patented in 1974. Since then, all other air purge guns have been modeled after this industry benchmark. The Probler Gun is used to spray or pour two-component, low viscosity polyurethane foam and polyurea materials at outputs up to 50 pounds per minute. The gun features an air-assisted full-finger trigger and a patented solvent-free automatic air-purge cleaning system.

    The Probler P1 spray gun has been discontinued but replacement parts are still available.

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Graco Probler P1 Downloads

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Fast Set Equipment Brochure US English Brochure 300615G.pdf 1934
Fast Set Equipment Line Card US English Line Card 337488E.pdf 1119
Probler P1 Repair and Parts Manual US English Manual 313265A.pdf 2250