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Quick Overview

The PROLIGHT extends the boundaries of what can be expected from rigs in the spray foam industry. The low cost and small footprint of the PROLIGHT ensures that space and capital concerns are easily forgotten.

Built With Genuine Graco Spray Equipment

Successful contractors know that their profits largely depend on job efficiency. Job efficiency in turn depends on proper spray equipment. At Pinnacle all our spray rigs built exclusively with genuine Graco spray equipment. From spray foam insulation to roofing, waterproofing to concrete joint filling, Graco offers top-quality equipment that helps you get the job done right.


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The PROLIGHT extends the boundaries of what can be expected from rigs in the spray foam industry. Built in a 16’ x 8' insulated, compartmentalized, trailer aligned with total turn-key performance places the PROLIGHT in the most competitive category of rigs available. The PROLIGHT contains all of the punch found in higher priced rigs, yet it does so in a tightly-built 16’, 10,400 lb GVWR trailer.

From the professional grade diesel generator and electric air compressor, up to the Graco Reactor E-20 and 160’ of Graco heated hose, premium equipment outfits the interior of this spray foam rig. Compact engineering and superior weight distribution give the PROLIGHT the ability to be towed behind a half ton pickup truck while fully stocked with four 55 gallon drums of material.

If you need mobility, reliability and value, this is the package for you. It includes everything you will need to be successful in this exciting and growing industry. The PROLIGHT provides you with a fully functioning mobile spray operation on wheels.

Interior Dimensions 16’ x 8’ Extra Height
Access Doors Double Rear, One Side
Framing (Walls) 16” On Center
Framing (Floor) 16” On Center
Interior Finish (Walls) 1/2” White Plywood Walls
Interior Finish (Floor) 1 ½” Plywood, Grey
Insulation Walls and Ceiling
Compartments Two
GVWR 10,400 lbs. (4717 kg)
Brakes Electric
Generator 25 kW Diesel Generator
Electrical Connections 60 AMP Panel and Wiring
Compressor 5 HP 16 CFM Compressor w/Auto Drain
Air Dryer 20 CFM, High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer
Heaters Espar Airtronic D4 Diesel Heater with Deep Cycle Battery
Lighting 120v Lighting Package
Tool Chest Storage Cabinets with Work Bench
Machine Options Reactor E-20 or E-XP1
Heated Hose (Included) E-20 - 160 ft.
E-XP1 - 160 ft.
Heated Hose (Maximum) E-20 - 210 ft
E-XP1 - 210 ft.
Output (Maximum) E-20 = 12 lb/min (5.4 kg/min)
E-XP1 = 1.0 gpm (3.8 lpm)
Transfer Pumps 2 x Graco T1
Spray Gun 1 x Fusion AP
Fresh Air System One Man, Full Mask
Eyewash Station 500 ml, Wall Mount
First Aid Kit Basic, Wall Mount
Fire Extinguishers One 10 lb. ABC Approved
Recommended For Residential and Light Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Compact engineering and superior weight distribution give the PROLIGHT the ability to be towed behind a half ton pickup while fully stocked with material.

  • 1: Graco Reactor E-20 or E-XP1 Spray Machine
  • 2: 25 kW Diesel Generator
  • 3: 5hp Electric Compressor
  • 4: 20 CFM, High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • 5: Storage Cabinets with Work Bench
  • 6: Hose Rack
  • 7: E-Track and Ratchet Straps for Drums
  • 8: Insulated Divider Wall

The PROLIGHT comes standard with a Graco Reactor E-20 with the option to upgrade to a Reactor E-XP1 spray system. All systems are equipped with material data and system diagnostics, Reactor E-Series proportioners provide total control. Advanced features provide longer equipment life, more uptime for your spray day and overall Graco reliability.

Use the chart below to choose the Reactor spray system that is right for your application.

Reactor E-20
Reactor E-10
Optional Upgrade
Applications Foam Only Foam and Coatings
Max Working Pressure 2000 psi (14 MPa, 140 bar) 2500 psi (17 MPa, 172 bar)
Max Hose Length 210 ft (64 m) 210 ft (64 m)
Weight 342 lbs (155 kg) 342 lbs (155 kg)
Heater Power
Available With 6,000 watt 10,200 watt
Maximum Fluid Temp 190° F (88° C) 190° F (88° C)
Max Output 20 lb/min (9 kg/min) 1.0 gpm (3.8 lpm)
Output per Cycle 0.0104 gal. (0.0395 liter) 0.0104 gal. (0.0395 liter)

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