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Trouble Shooting

Probler P1 Trouble Shooting

This article features a selection of common problems applicators have experienced with the Probler P1 spray gun along with the cause and solution.

There is air to the gun, and air purge is good. When gun is triggered, the piston is sluggish to retract or doesn’t move. Guide channel in the front housing is dirty

Air starvation

Damaged air piston o-rings
Inspect and clean if needed

Clean air ports in handle

When the side blocks are removed, there is a material build-up around the chamber. Leaking side block seals Replace
The mixing chamber does not line up with the holes in the side block seals when the gun is triggered. The piston throw set screw is out of adjustment Reset Piston Throw
The high pressure ball valves seem loose and may be leaking. Packings out of adjustment


There is a pressure imbalance. Plugged impingement ports

Plugged check valves

Viscosities are not equal


Adjust temperature to compensate
The gun continuously leaks air from the bottom of the handle. Middle o-ring on the trigger assembly is cut

Trigger adjustment nut is out too far

There is air leaking from the trigger retaining nut. The back o-ring on the trigger assembly is cut Replace
When the gun is triggered, the purge air stays on. An o-ring on the air piston is cut or damaged Replace
The Probler is leaking air from between the gun body and the front housing. The o-ring that seals between these two parts is damaged Replace