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WireTrim® True Line

SKU: 10.500.01

Availability: Order Online or by Phone at 1-800-901-0088

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Quick Overview

TrueLine Wire Tape is a double sided poly tape with medium tack for simple and precise placement. The multi-purpose adhesive addresses the need for faster, residue-free removal.

 WireTrim® True Line

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TrueLine WireTrim® tape was developed to replace the high quality adhesive and easy removal with no residue that you have experienced in our trimming tapes of the past. Use TrueLine WireTrim® tape to cut clean straight lines every time without a knife. Featuring a clear double-sided poly tape, TrueLine WireTrim® is designed to provide easy application and removal with minimal residue.

The TrueLine products have similar characteristics to the edge cutting tapes we have provided in the past, with a unique adhesive incorporated in the TrueLine that produces superior results for a clean, fast cut, with virtually no residue. 100 ft. per roll of TrueLine WireTape®.

Tape Poly Double Sided
Adhesive Medium-Tack
Filament .010” Diameter Wire (Heavy Duty)
Length 100 Feet per Roll
Width 1/4 Inch

Over the past ten years, WireTrim® Edge Cutting Tape has transformed the spray-on truck bed liner industry, making the previously tedious and intricate trimming process an extremely fast and painless experience.

Tips for using WireTrim® True Line Tape


  • Before laying out the edge cutting tape make sure the area to be masked is clean and free of dirt, tar, and other contaminants.
  • Be sure to leave approximately 6 inches of extra tape at both ends of the wire tape to be used as handles to start cutting the edge of the liner.
  • For long straight runs, first attach the wire tape at your starting point. Unroll enough edge cutting tape to reach the end of the straight run and TUG the tape, putting only enough tension to straighten the line as you slowly begin to attach the other end to your end point (this TUG action will create a perfectly straight line as you hover about 3-5" above the end point). Now the wire tape should be lightly stuck to the surface with the option to re-lift and try again and again. Once the wire trim tape placement is satisfactory, proceed by TAPPING the wire tape down gently every 12" with your fingertips. Do not brush before TAPPING or the wire tape may move! After tapping wire tape in position, run your finger down the line to secure wire tape.
  • For clean corners be sure to stretch the edge cutting tape around the corner to prevent any material bleeding under the tape.
  • Try to use one long run of wire tape rather than short runs (example: Use one piece of wire tape around the outside of the tailgate rather than 4 separate pieces one for each side) This cut downs on the amount of wire tape required and makes for cleaner corners and faster unmasking.


  • Pull cutting wire at approximately 45 degrees into bedliner (for uniform bevelled edge) and at 45 degrees in towards the cut line.
  • After cutting edge, SLOWLY remove adhesive tape body from substrate. Rapid removal may result in tape residue left on substrate.


All wire tape and filament bearing products contain fine cutting wire. Handle with care and always wear suitable protective equipment.

Review by Roger

(Posted on 2/24/14)

Wonderful trim tape

Really enjoy this trim tape. Gives the best trim edges ever!!

Review by Duane

(Posted on 12/17/13)

Best wire tape out there

We have been using wire trim tape for 16 years and have tried everything. This is the best tape out there. No residue. Rarely is there any bleed through or fuzzy edges. Big problem with other tapes. I WILL NOT BUY ANY OTHER TAPE.

Review by Rick

(Posted on 10/29/13)

Great Stuff!

This product has the best adhering power to really give you those super clean edges! We don't use anything else!

Review by Donald

(Posted on 2/8/13)

For commercial work

This tape works great for all polyurea applications where a clean finished edge is required.

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